Finally, a game programming conference that I might be able to attend! I've always wanted to go to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but it's pretty expense and I would have to fly there.

This year, there's going to be a Texas Independent Game Conference, July 22-23 in Austin, TX. I can easily drive to Austin for a weekend. Early bird registration is only $90 and they offer a student / academic rate of only $75.

Details are slowly being added the website about what is actually going to happen. So far Warren Spector and Greg Costikyan are going to give keynote speeches. Roundtable discussions have been added to the program as well as a Game Demo Party on July 22nd.

I've attended a few other geek conventions (Bar Camp and SXSW) and I have to say that they are worth the money. Reading about something online or in a book is totally different than actually hearing someone talk and being able to interact with them in real time.

So if you're going to be anywhere near Austin on July 22, check out the Texas Independent Game Conference. It should be a lot of fun. And if you can't attend, check back here for my full report.